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Title: Great work Cliff
Post by: Sammi on November 28, 2007, 02:50:09

I just read the documentation and best practices and I must say this looks really good.  I have made several projects using Flex/Cairngorm and although I understand Cairngorm quite well I find to be an overkill for my projects.  I had been warned that it might be difficult to "unlearn" what Cairngorm teaches and switch to PureMVC but after reading the docs I am not worried.  This is pure and simple.  I remember it took some time to get to understand Cairngorm and even more time to get used to the repetitiveness.  I will still give Cairngorm respect - it is the "King", used by many to create great project.  It is just not very good for smaller, one person projects.

Now I can happily switch to PureMVC and use it for both my Flex and Flash project. I have been using PixLib for my Flash based projects and I loved it.  I just find that it makes sense to use the same framework for both Flash and Flex.  I will be able to use PureMVC for my MVC needs and mix in PixLib's functionality for other things.

Great work Cliff!  Thank you very much for creating this and sharing.

Now I am off to my first app.