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Title: Pipes Utility for PureMVC - Javascript Native Port
Post by: TripleToe on October 18, 2012, 08:36:03
I created a native Javascript port of the PureMVC Pipes (http://github.com/PureMVC/puremvc-as3-util-pipes) Utility.  I also have a Dojo version (http://github.com/billdwhite/dojo-puremvc) contained inside my Dojo-PureMVC implementation, but since the PureMVC Native JS port is the defacto standard, I created a matching Pipes version.  Although it probably needs some refinement in places, it appears to work fine for me.

You can get it here (http://github.com/billdwhite/puremvc-js-pipes) and read about it here (http://www.billdwhite.com/wordpress/?p=450). 

There is also a src directory with an implementation created (http://github.com/billdwhite/puremvc-js-pipes/tree/master/pipes-define) with the puremvc.define utility which I like much better.  It makes the OO structure easy to see and understand.  However, since the main PureMVC JS distribution is written with prototypes, the primary src directory follow suit. I've also posted demos showing it in action with the source included on GitHub.  (They are based on Tekool's excellent actionscript Pipes demo)

If anyone wants to add it to the official PureMVC distribution site, I'm fine with that too.    :)