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1  Announcements and General Discussion / Public Demos, Tools and Applications / New application - a tribute to PureMVC on: May 07, 2009, 09:26:21
I have been working on a pet project for several months now, and launched it last night. It's a tribute to PureMVC in its most stringent form. Done in Flex and AMFPHP.

Please have a look on www.storicle.com. Premise: create a storicle, write a version, and challenge friends to improve it. Pretty empty at the moment, so any participation will be appreciated :)

2  Announcements and General Discussion / Public Demos, Tools and Applications / PGProxyReservation on: November 12, 2008, 04:01:17

I created a utility for the PureMVC framework called PGProxyReservation. In short:

The PGProxyReservation utility is used to effectively flush proxies from their data when not in use. Whenever a view or another proxy requires the use of a proxy, it reserves it, and releases it when it's done. The utility automatically gets the proxy in an initialised state, as long as it implements IReservable. When no reservation is left for a particular proxy, the utility clears its data object. This is a huge advantage for applications that are heavily data reliant. It keeps your application leight-weight, keeping initialised only those proxies that are currently in use.

Attachment too big: You can download it at: http://blog.pietergrobler.com/node/4

Hope this is helpful. Drop me a line with questions or feedback. Thanks, Pieter Grobler.
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