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1  PureMVC Manifold / MultiCore Version / Flash and VO on: February 16, 2009, 09:09:40
Hi! I did a project using Flex and PureMVC multicore and i now trying one in Flash AS3. I'm trying to know how to use the VO's with amfphp and Flash. In flex, we have the meta tag RemoteClass to transform a php class into an as3 class.

How can we do it with Flash ?

I created a VO in php

class ProjectVO {
var  $_explicitType = "com.jfdesgagne.jfdesgagne09.modules.showcase.model.vo.ProjectVO";

var  $title = '';
var  $task = '';
var  $eye = '';
var  $address = '';
var  $name = '';
var  $date = '';

function __construct($title=null, $task=null, $eye=null, $address=null, $name=null, $date=null) {
if (!is_null($title)) $this->title = $title;
if (!is_null($task)) $this->task = $task;
if (!is_null($eye)) $this->eye = $eye;
if (!is_null($address)) $this->address = $address;
if (!is_null($name)) $this->name = $name;
if (!is_null($date)) $this->date = $date;

And a VO in AS3 (flash)

package com.jfdesgagne.jfdesgagne09.modules.showcase.model.vo {

public class ProjectVO {
public var title:String = '';
public var task:String = '';
public var eye:String = '';
public var address:String = '';
public var name:String = '';
public var date:String = '';

public function BottomMenuItemVO(title:String=null, task:String=null, eye:String=null, address:String=null, name:String=null) {
if (title != null) this.title = title;
if (task != null) this.task = task;
if (eye != null) this.eye = eye;
if (address != null) this.address = address;
if (name != null) this.name = name;
if (address != null) this.address = address;

How should i'm supose to process in Flash to transform the php VO into flash VO in my proxy ?

private function _receiveDataHandler($project:ProjectVO):void {
2  Announcements and General Discussion / General Discussion / Proxy and data Bindable on: February 11, 2009, 02:21:23
Hi. I have a problem with PureMVC and data bindable.

I register a proxy who load text on 2 differents resources. It have a public bindable function in the Proxy class who call the getString bindable function of ResourceManager. My function is bindable on the "change" event, same as the getString function in the ResourceManager.   [Bindable("change")]

Normaly in each mxml, there are a reference of the ResourceManager ... so I can easy use bindable data like {resourceManager.getString("en_US", "myKey")}

But if i want to use the bindable function in the proxy, it does'nt work ... i presume its because it's a static reference of a bindable function ...
{LocaleProxy.getInstance().getString("en_US", "myKey")}

Anyone have a clue because i'm lost !

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