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1  PureMVC Manifold / Standard Version / How to output amf as a viewcomponent? on: December 15, 2011, 02:32:40
I'm writing a basic API to some backend settings and I would like to return the results in different formats (xml, html, etc) for different frontends to consume.  How would I go about outputting amf?

I can think of three different routes (and none seem like they would be feasible)..

Wrap the facade within the services class...and somehow return data from the viewcomponents?

Create the gateway/services and pass that into the API to be used as a viewcomponent...and somehow still be able to access it properly as a remote object?

Something like this: http://efreedom.com/Question/1-1942890/Self-Contained-Library-Serializing-PHP-Data-AMF where I basically have to format the amf output myself.

Any ideas greatly appreciated!
2  PureMVC Manifold / Standard Version / writing to xml config files in a proxy on: August 29, 2011, 11:22:47
I have several proxies that interact with their own corresponding xml file.  The xml is then used as the proxy data to manipulate.  I am stumped as to how to change the xml data....or better yet, I am stumped because "getData()" does not return a reference (like AS3 does).  It seems in my setter functions, I would have to pull the entire contents of the xml in to a variable, do the necessary changes, then "setData()" with the updated xml data.  OR, I override the getData() to return a reference.  OR, I use a delegate to do the xml manipulation and use the delegate as the proxy data.  No matter which way I try to implement it, I get the feeling I'm doing it wrong.  Any advice or suggestions?

3  PureMVC Manifold / Standard Version / Closing tags in PureMVC files? on: July 26, 2011, 08:49:28
I noticed that the puremvc php files contain the closing tags.  Personally I leave them out of files that are pure php to avoid possible 'headers already sent' errors.  What are the maintainers thoughts on this?
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