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1  Announcements and General Discussion / General Discussion / Search accross multiple models MVC compliant on: May 26, 2008, 11:00:33

I'm new to Flex, AS3 and PureMVC but not to MVC architecture.

I try to use an autocomplete field to do a search accross multiple models (2 for the moment but could be much more soon) and I don't know how to build that respecting the pureMVC best practises.

What do you think about that :
  • fill a SearchVO from a command with data from my different models (let's say Contact and Address)
  • dispatch a notification so my search panel mediator update the dataprovider of the autocomplete with data from the proxy
  • dispatch a notification when user hit the enter button in the notification field and run a command which try to find what the user search
  • dispatch a notification depending on the result of the change (CONTACT_FOUND, ADDRESS_FOUND, NOTHING_FOUND) so Mediator can update accordingly

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