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1  Announcements and General Discussion / General Discussion / [Feature Request] Having Typed Notification on: December 13, 2007, 03:39:32
Hi there,

With the INotification's getBody() Object return type. We can not override the getBody() method to have a typed object handled in our Notification.
Sad, beacause having typed Notification can be very usefull and errorless.

Maybe in 1.7.
I'm ready to write the code if needed.

2  Announcements and General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Meditor, handle of notification without switch statement... on: December 13, 2007, 03:11:15
Sorry don't see it...

Maybe you talk about my blog post (in french sorry) here :

and the 2 files : Map and KoMediator :

3  Announcements and General Discussion / General Discussion / Meditor, handle of notification without switch statement... on: December 10, 2007, 09:56:35
Hi there,
I'm not a big fan of having a switch in handleNotification method.
Switch can be very big if you handle a lot of notification.

I used a Map class instance that associated each notification name to an handler method (very close to eventBroadcater with delegate). So you can define to each notification your handle the specific method of your mediator.

If it interrest some people I can provide the map class (taken from LowRA framework but without any dependencies) and my own sub-mediator class...
4  Announcements and General Discussion / General Discussion / Mediator name, why so complicated ? on: December 10, 2007, 09:52:55
I there,

I'm coming from other frameworks such as LowRA and wonder why Mediator name are so complicated to implement ?

For each mediator you create you have to copy the override function  getMediatorName with SAME code each time, wich is quite annoying...

Why not have a private instance variable for name as this :

_sName : String // The mediator name

public function Mediator( document : Object, name : String) : void
 _sName = name;

public function getMEdiatorName() : String
 return _sName;

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