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1  Announcements and General Discussion / General Discussion / Project Setup / Process & svn? on: February 26, 2008, 11:16:11
Is there a publicly accessible svn repo that we can tap into to get the latest files or checkout a specific revision? (sorry if this is posted in the forums somewhere but it wasnt obvious where it was) In my personal dev process, I'm moving towards using svn:externals more to pull in any (or maybe all) external libraries. these libs are then put into a top-level "lib" directory that's added to the classpath to the project. so a typical directory structure would look something like:

assets/ ( psds, jpgs, whatever )
build/ ( build.properties & build.xml files: tasks to generate docs, run tests, build and deploy )
docs/ ( asdoc )
lib/ ( any external libs not directly related to the project: ie, tweenlite, puremvc, etc )
src/ ( project specific source files & flas )
tests/ ( asunit tests that follow the same package structure in src )
deploy/ ( all swfs )

so ideally i'd set a svn:externals prop to
lib <puremvc svn repo path> -r<revision_number>

so i guess this is really an open ended question. what do you guys think about this project setup? what are your typical directory structures, and is pulling in libraries like this a best practice? if no such repository exists   for some libraries (like tweenlite), should i just create my own repo with the libraries so that my team all uses the same version?
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