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1  PureMVC Manifold / Bug Report / [DEFUSED] Flash MX 2004 Pro: Type mismatch error in View class on: April 15, 2008, 02:34:48

I work in Flash MX 2004 Pro and receive syntax errors when I import Facade class (PureMVC_AS2 release tags/0.9). My code is simply and only:

import org.puremvc.as2.patterns.facade.Facade;
and when I choose to "Check syntax" I get:

**Error** C:\Temp\PureMVC\tags\0.9\org\puremvc\as2\core\View.as: Line 146: Type mismatch.
              var observer:Observer = new Observer( mediator.handleNotification, mediator );

**Error** C:\Temp\PureMVC\tags\0.9\org\puremvc\as2\core\View.as: Line 186: Type mismatch.
                 if ( Observer(observers[i]).compareNotifyContext( retrieveMediator( mediatorName ) ) == true ) {

Total ActionScript Errors: 2     Reported Errors: 2

Is Flash MX 2004 Pro too old for PureMVC framework? I hope not ;-)

Regards and thanks in advance!
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