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Author Topic: Module Manager & MXML  (Read 9230 times)
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« on: October 04, 2009, 01:31:45 »

I have taken the Simple Routing with Module Manager and have successfully modified it for my own application.  However, the example demonstrates loading a component using actionscript and not from mxml.

I'd like some code examples from others using the module manager via mxml.  I have my own solution but will wait to see what has been created by smart people using Fabrication.

I just want to do something like...

<mx:HBox width="50%" height="100%" id="wrapper">
<componentfactory:FavoriteComponent id="favorite" width="100%"/>

and have it automagically load and insert the loaded component into the "favorite" container.

Game on....

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« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2009, 10:12:37 »

I can already see there aren't that many takers on this so here's what I have going to solve this problem.  While not the most elegant it does work well but, as always, there are probably better ways about this.

Goes like this...

1. App. fires up and creates all the components in Application.mxml including the register component.
2. Register component inits by registering a callback to be used later by ApplicationStartupCommand
3. StartupCommand fires up and sends out the selfRegister event
4. All components register their mediator and then proceed to load the component defined in the loadit function.
5. loadIt loads up the component and then calls the supplied function to add it to the parent

You should notice that ComponentMediator constructor uses a unique ID for each mediator so you can have more than one of the same components available at the same time.

Feedback/Critique/etc. always welcome.


Root MXML of a sample component that does user registration

<mx:HBox width="50%" height="100%">
<components:Register id="register" width="100%"/>

Register.mxml (referenced above)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<mx:VBox xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" width="100%" height="100%" preinitialize="init()">
         import org.puremvc.as3.multicore.interfaces.IFacade;
         import com.meshell.view.RegisterCanvasMediator;
         import com.me.common.StartupEvent;
         import mx.core.Application;
         import com.pa.common.Constants;

         private function init():void{
            Application.application.systemManager.addEventListener("SelfRegister", selfRegister);

         private function selfRegister(evt:StartupEvent):void{
            var af:IFacade = evt.startupData.appfac;
            var rcm:RegisterCanvasMediator = new RegisterCanvasMediator(this);
            rcm.loadIt(Constants.WIDGET_REGISTER, Constants.WIDGET_REGISTER_URL, rcm.addToParent);


package com.me.shell.view{
   import com.me.shell.view.components.RegisterCanvas;
   import flash.display.DisplayObject;
   public class RegisterCanvasMediator extends ComponentMediator{

      public function RegisterCanvasMediator( viewComponent:RegisterCanvas ){

      public function addToParent(myID:String, moduleInstance:Object):void{
         var registerMediator:RegisterCanvasMediator = facade.retrieveMediator(myID) as RegisterCanvasMediator;
         registerMediator.registerCanvas.addChild(moduleInstance as DisplayObject);

ComponentMediator.as (base class for RegisterCanvasMediator.as)

package com.me.shell.view
   import com.me.shell.ApplicationShellConstants;
   import com.me.shell.model.ModuleDescriptor;
   import com.me.shell.view.components.RegisterCanvas;
   import flash.system.ApplicationDomain;
   import mx.core.UIComponent;
   import mx.events.ModuleEvent;
   import mx.modules.IModuleInfo;
   import mx.modules.ModuleManager;
   import org.puremvc.as3.multicore.interfaces.INotification;
   import org.puremvc.as3.multicore.utilities.fabrication.components.FlexModuleLoader;
   import org.puremvc.as3.multicore.utilities.fabrication.patterns.mediator.FlexMediator;

   public class ComponentMediator extends FlexMediator{

      private var _module:IModuleInfo;
      private var _uniqueID:String;
      private var _addToParent:Function;

      private function get module():IModuleInfo{
         return _module;

      private function set module(mod:IModuleInfo):void{
         _module = mod;
      private function get uniqueID():String{
         return _uniqueID;
      private function set uniqueID(id:String):void{
         _uniqueID = id;
      private function get addToParent():Function{
         return _addToParent;
      private function set addToParent(atp:Function):void{
         _addToParent = atp;

      public function ComponentMediator( viewComponent:UIComponent ){
         uniqueID = viewComponent.id;
         super(uniqueID, viewComponent );   

      public function loadIt(md:String, murl:String, atp:Function):void{
         var moduleDescriptor:ModuleDescriptor = new ModuleDescriptor(md);
         moduleDescriptor.url = murl;
         sendNotification(ApplicationShellConstants.ADD_MODULE, moduleDescriptor);

         addToParent = atp;

         var moduleLoader:FlexModuleLoader = new FlexModuleLoader();
         module = ModuleManager.getModule(moduleDescriptor.url);
         module.data = moduleDescriptor;
         module.addEventListener(ModuleEvent.READY, moduleReadyListener);

      private function moduleReadyListener(event:ModuleEvent):void {
         var module:IModuleInfo = event.module;
         var moduleDescriptor:ModuleDescriptor = event.module.data as ModuleDescriptor;
         var moduleInstance:Object = event.module.factory.create();
         moduleInstance.router = applicationRouter;
         moduleInstance.defaultRouteAddress = applicationAddress;
         moduleInstance.id = moduleDescriptor.getElementID();
         // call the function to do mediator specific work...
         addToParent(uniqueID, moduleInstance);

      public function get registerCanvas():RegisterCanvas{
         return viewComponent as RegisterCanvas;
      public override function listNotificationInterests():Array{
         return [];
      public override function handleNotification(notification:INotification):void{


      // this is sent out to have all the components load themselves...
         var selfRegister:StartupEvent = new StartupEvent("SelfRegister", true);
         var self:Object = new Object();
         self.appfac = this.facade;
         selfRegister.startupData = self;

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« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2009, 09:50:04 »

As noted in the Multicore Forum,  there is a module loading bug in the flex sdk that has been fixed in 3.4.

I ran into this issue in the past week and updated to 3.4 which fixed it.  The bug is interesting and doesn't happen all the time but was very noticeable on Windows IE. 

Info on the bug and fix info...

Although Cliff states that Fabrication 0.6 isn't ready for primetime, (http://forums.puremvc.org/index.php?topic=1149.0) I've found it to be very robust and have assembled a very complex framework around fabrication with no problems other than the module loading which isn't even a fabrication defect.


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