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Author Topic: Loadup (formerly StartupManager) - A PureMVC AS3 Utility  (Read 123532 times)
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« Reply #90 on: July 12, 2009, 04:47:24 »

There is a new version of StartupManager in the code repository; in trunk, not tagged.

It has been numbered as version 2.0, since it is a significant enhancement.  Here is the relevant extract from version.txt.

2.0 This release is backward compatible, except for users who have
    implemented their own IResourceList or IRetryParameters (see
    StartupMonitorProxy (monitor) constructor now takes proxyName
    as an arg (optional), thus enabling concurrent instances.
    Property jobId is disallowed unless the monitor proxyName is
    the default name.
    On sent notifications, the type is the monitor proxyName,
    unless there is a jobId, in which case the type is the jobId
    as it has been since version 1.4.
    On loaded and failed notifications sent by the client app, if
    the monitor proxyName is not the default name, the notification
    type must be the monitor proxyName.
    IResourceList methods addResource and addResources have a
    changed signature, to include an arg that references the
    monitor instance. Existing usage that passes an IResourceList as
    the data arg to the monitor constructor must change to (null,data)
    since data is now the second optional arg, proxyName being the
    first. IResourceList has new method isToBeKeptOpen.
    IRetryParameters has a new parameter, to switch on exponential
    backoff logic when RetryPolicy applies the retry interval.
    Users of the assetLoader facility, note the following:
    - LoadAssetGroupCommand and LoadingInstructions have been
    frozen in their pre-v2 state, and will not be updated; retained
    only to maintain backward compatibility
    - new version of StartupForAssets demo (version 2).

Note also that, though this utility is named Startup Manager, a more appropriate name might be Resource Loading Manager, since it can be used at any time, not just at application startup.
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« Reply #91 on: July 13, 2009, 10:05:45 »


I agree on the naming of the utility having become less than accurate if not downright misleading. Startup isn't completely a resource-loading-centric process, that's just a step in the overall process. There is also an alliterative conflict with the StateMachine utility name.

I'd like to propose that we branch the codebase, leaving 1.x on a branch, and from 2.0, refactor to a new name. If we're ever going to resolve this, now's a good enough time. Especially since I see you're deprecating some stuff this time. You could drop the baggage that's being carried along for backward compatibility (making the library smaller and less scary to users trying to learn it. :)

Any feedback on naming would be good. The shorter the better.

One thing I realize as I try to think of a suggestion for a less cumbersome name than Resource Loading Manager is that the thing has evolved quite a bit from the start. As a result there is no currently clear picture of what exactly it does and how one goes about using it and for what.

Perhaps some introductory material to the late model StartupManager after its rebirth would help suggest a name that is informing, short and not in conflict with anything else.

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« Reply #92 on: July 17, 2009, 03:22:45 »

I refer to my post above about code in trunk.  It turns out that I was premature in declaring this as a release.  This code is in transition and is not a final version 2.  Use it at your own risk and be aware that the ultimate v2 will probably require you to refactor what you've done.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused.
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