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Author Topic: Let the Porting Begin!  (Read 9548 times)
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« on: November 30, 2007, 03:37:29 »

Hi folks,

If you're seeing this group, it's because you've been added as a result of showing an interest in working on a port of the PureMVC framework. As you probably know the framework is based on design patterns that are abstract enough to be implemented in virtually any modern day object oriented programming language.

A number of relevant platforms have been targeted, but if you would like to discuss starting a port to one not mentioned here, please speak up!

Right now, the target platforms are:

AS2 - (completed except unit tests aren't ported, and need demos)
AS3 - (the original, stable, but could use demos and utilities)
ColdFusion - (port is underway and could use help)
C# (we have a potential project owner, but not started yet)
Java - (Underway. Will shortly have more status)
Perl - (project needs an owner)
PHP - (project needs an owner)
Python - (project needs an owner)
Ruby - (project needs an owner)

Each of these ports has its own members-only forum where the discussion for the port in question should take place. If you do not see the forum for the port you'd like to work on, please contact me. Each port has an SVN repository and a Trac source code/project management installation as well. Look to the individual forums for more information about these resources.

A web based repository browser that shows all PureMVC.org repositories is located at http://browse.puremvc.org/wsvn/

This forum is for the meta discussion of how a port should be managed, what constitutes acceptable documentation, what tools should be created for cross-port development etc.

Also, we're porting to both client side and server side languages. The original PureMVC framework was intended for writing the client side of an RIA. Part of the discussion that needs to take place in this forum is how well the patterns map to the server side.

We know that there are plenty of server side MVC implementations - Struts being the most prevalent in the Java world, for instance. We need to analyze not only how the patterns map to the server side, but also what the communication patterns between a PureMVC client and a PureMVC service might look like.

This is a pretty exciting next step for PureMVC.
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