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Author Topic: Passing Around Data  (Read 6780 times)
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« on: October 06, 2009, 06:30:29 »

Hi.  Is this an ok way to pass around data?

        // user was returned from the login proxy
        case LoginProxy.LOGIN_COMPLETE:
        // create a user instance from the body
        var user:UserVO = body as UserVO;
        // set the global application user
        appProxy.appUser = user;
        // the main screen view component has a label welcoming the user so I need to get the main screen mediator
        var mainScreenMediator:MainScreenMediator = facade.retrieveMediator( MainScreenMediator.NAME ) as MainScreenMediator;
        // main screen exposes a public variable called 'appUser' that is set by its mediator
        mainScreenMediator.setUser( user );
        // change the view to the main screen
        changeView( ApplicationFacade.MAIN_SCREEN );
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