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Author Topic: fabrication stage and proper mediation  (Read 2157 times)
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« on: November 16, 2009, 02:06:44 »

When overriding execute in my startup command, how does it receive the note? Is the execute inside the startup command linked to the startup notification that fabrication is sending automatically? It just hides this? I'm not having a problem with it, just trying to understand where it's getting the note from, which contains my document class in it's body.

Other than that, just want to make sure I'm building in a proper fashion. Right now I'm almost done with my shell.

This is how it's set up, Startup command registers basic FSM commands. Injects FSM. and then registers my proxies and mediators. then they're configured. then in assembly, I create my different modules... I imagine down the road, my modules will only have two notifications in common with the shell.. address change and page change.. and the rest will be specific to each module.

should I add my modules to the stage in my application mediator?,.. does that sound right? Cliff suggested wisely I instantiate them only and then have each wait for it's appropriate note to initialize. This is what I'm going for.

Once they're added, each module will be able to add view components/display objects right? through each modules' own document class stage.. which would really be a reference to the shell's stage?

appreciate any help greatly.

sorry I put this in the wrong forum.
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