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Author Topic: PureMVC iPhone camera app - ProCamera  (Read 2965 times)
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« on: January 14, 2010, 09:06:31 »

We have created two iPhone applications based on the Objective C port of PureMVC, called: ProCamera and ProCamera Basic.
These are camera apps for better results with the iPhone camera.

I personally think that PureMVC is the best application framework for iPhone apps out there right now.

If you are interested to test the application, we made ProCamera Basic free for this week:

We would like to give out free copies of the full-features app to the PureMVC community as well but this is hardly possible because we only have a limited number of promocodes which only work in the US. If there is somebody who would like to have the full-featured version: ProCamera will be on sale next weekend (January 16/17 2010):

We have some promocodes left. So if there is somebody from the US, we can give out a few. Just drop me  line and I'll send it out.

Hope you enjoy it. Feedback is welcome.

Thanks to everybody involved in creating this great framework!
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