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Author Topic: SI Swimsuit Issue, simulation of the greatest job in the universe  (Read 5322 times)
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« on: February 10, 2010, 11:23:08 »

Second Thought just launched "One Shot to Get the Shot," a game/promo/social networking application for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue:


The game challenges users to acquire photography skills during a simulated photo shoot featuring exclusive video of sixteen of SI's sexiest models hard at work in four exotic locales: Portugal, the Maldives, India, and Chile. The competitive, timed game uses video from actual modeling shoots to provide a realistic first-person experience in which the user controls the camera shutter, zoom, and pan. The goal is to capture the perfect image before time runs out; players are scored based on their accuracy and can challenge friends online. There's also a social networking app that enables free-form browsing through the videos, so users can capture their favorite still shots and post them to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and over twenty other sites.

Built on the Adobe Flex platform, "One Shot" proves that a robust, powerful development environment can enable truly immersive user media experiences that seamlessly flow into the existing online social space. The core code engine utilizes the PureMVC framework with loosely coupled components built and compilied with Flex SDK 3.5 and harnesses Flash 10's 3-D capabilities. Other frameworks used include PureMVC MultiCore Pipe Utility, AS3CoreLib, SpiceLib, Tweenlite, TweenMax, and Second Thought's proprietary Flex and AS3 library. The stills are captured from video on the fly, meaning an effectively limitless range of images is possible. The user-captured stills are JPEG-encoded on the client side and uploaded via multi-part POST's using Second Thought's custom media-sharing API. The persistent user-generated content is then socially shared via Gigya WildFire and Facebook Connect.

Jonathan Heck
Second Thought Inc
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