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Author Topic: text inputs in view stop working when adding code to PrepareViewsCommand  (Read 9591 times)
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« on: April 06, 2010, 01:07:00 »


I have PrepareViewsCommand which sets up my mediators and views. Everything is working fine. But as soon as I add any line of code, my text inputs in my portal view cannot be editted anymore. I added a simple trace("TEST") line and it stops functioning. Anyone have any suggestions?

The project is based on Flex 3.4 and uses a code behind structure.

Here's the code of the PrepareViewsCommand:

package nl.tinqwise.coachandcoach.controller
import nl.tinqwise.coachandcoach.view.NavigationMediator;
import nl.tinqwise.coachandcoach.view.PortalMediator;
import nl.tinqwise.coachandcoach.view.TemplateContainerMediator;
import nl.tinqwise.coachandcoach.view.components.NavigationComponent;
import nl.tinqwise.coachandcoach.view.components.NavigationComponentClass;
import nl.tinqwise.coachandcoach.view.components.PortalComponent;
import nl.tinqwise.coachandcoach.view.components.PortalComponentClass;
import nl.tinqwise.coachandcoach.view.components.TemplateContainerComponent;
import nl.tinqwise.coachandcoach.view.components.TemplateContainerComponentClass;

import org.puremvc.as3.multicore.interfaces.INotification;
import org.puremvc.as3.multicore.patterns.command.SimpleCommand;

import flash.display.DisplayObjectContainer;

* @author Marco
* creates view components
* add's them to the displaylist
* creates mediators
* registers the mediators
public class PrepareViewsCommand extends SimpleCommand {

private var _mainContainer : DisplayObjectContainer;

override public function execute( note : INotification ) : void
// Main container


_mainContainer = DisplayObjectContainer(note.getBody());

// States and pages

//Add Portal component and Mediator
var portal : PortalComponentClass = new PortalComponent() as PortalComponentClass;
_mainContainer.addChild( portal );
var portalMediator : PortalMediator = new PortalMediator( portal );
facade.registerMediator( portalMediator );

var templateContainer : TemplateContainerComponentClass = new TemplateContainerComponent() as TemplateContainerComponentClass;
_mainContainer.addChild( templateContainer );
var swfContainerMediator : TemplateContainerMediator = new TemplateContainerMediator( templateContainer );
facade.registerMediator( swfContainerMediator );

* Add TipBoek component and Mediator
* Keep at bottom of this command to overlay other components
// var tipBoek : TipBoekComponentClass = new TipBoekComponent() as TipBoekComponentClass;
// _mainContainer.addChild( tipBoek );
// var tipBoekMediator : TipBoekMediator = new TipBoekMediator( tipBoek );
// facade.registerMediator( tipBoekMediator );

* Add Navigation component and Mediator
* Keep at bottom of this command to overlay other components
var navigation : NavigationComponentClass = new NavigationComponent() as NavigationComponentClass;
_mainContainer.addChild( navigation );
var navigationMediator : NavigationMediator = new NavigationMediator( navigation );
facade.registerMediator( navigationMediator );

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« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2010, 08:01:45 »

I don't see anything in particular wrong with this, certainly nothing that would seize up text box.

You mention using a code-behind structure. This isn't a recommended practice with PureMVC. How are you implementing it? Is it in the form of Mediators that know everything about the internal structure of their components and puppeteer them? Could it be an action that one of these Mediators takes?

BTW, if you're using Flex, you should try using the debugger to set breakpoints and follow the thread of execution. IMHO, trace statements are a stone age approach to debugging.

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