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Author Topic: Two different questions, undo manager and vo with list  (Read 1917 times)
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« on: June 27, 2010, 03:12:36 »

Hello everyone and thanks Cliff, actually i have a commercial application running on puremvc, and it was very good worked with it.
After one year developing that application, i´ve started others that will be sold to more than one customer.
I´ve teached puremvc to some friend that liked too, its a really ease approximation of mvc concept!

I also using fabrication thats awesome layering puremvc to few lines of code...
For those who doesn´t knows, fabrication have got live again! The creator of tequila is running it to get compatibility with flex 4!!! Tequila is another layer based on fabrication to reduce code to even fewer lines!!!

So, now my framework became more "final", i´ve got a really cool and good workflow, very good to work with all those facilities.

I wanna ask two things, first about undo management. I understand that its a little abstract thing, but i´ve seen some implementations, one from puremvc, called "undo command 1.3" (command or manager, i cant remember now), and another one intrinsic to fabrication utility... i wanna know for example from Cliff, whats the difference between the two ones, and if fabrication approximation there´s some improvement.

Another question is about VO´s and grid list.
For example, i will must do in the next days, a grid/list that will manage properties of object in a very cool editor i´m building.
Those property lists are based in some "properties" and values... i wanna know from Cliff (haha i guess thats because his 100 years of programming skills ;D)... whats the better approximation to this... since a VO holds only the properties itself, so how to have it managing property and values? whats the best way? like some direct population of the list, or i will need two steps work, well, a mature light here would be appreciated, one time a really like to always try to do things in the best way i can try to achieve.
Thanks for everyone in this awesome forum. 8)

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« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2010, 07:37:37 »

Good to hear of your success with PureMVC and Fabrication.

Unfortunately, I'm not the one to ask about the difference between the PureMVC Undo utility and the Fabrication feature. I'm haven't used Fabrication myself. I'm going to move this topic to the Fabrication forum, where the new lead on the Fabrication project can perhaps answer better than I.

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