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Author Topic: Little mistake?  (Read 9844 times)
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« on: July 06, 2010, 10:26:38 »

Hi ev'one. Is it bug or i don't understand anything?


62                   public void NotifyObserver(INotification notification)
63                   {
64                           object context;
65                           string method;
67                           // Retrieve the current state of the object, then notify outside of our thread safe block
68                           lock (m_syncRoot)
69                           {
70                                   context = NotifyContext;
71                                   method = NotifyMethod;
72                           }
74                           Type t = context.GetType();
75                           BindingFlags f = BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.IgnoreCase;
76                           MethodInfo mi = t.GetMethod(NotifyMethod, f); // did u mean local var 'method' here?
77                           mi.Invoke(context, new object[] { notification });
78                   }
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« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2010, 02:01:48 »

It clearly seems like an error to me too. It has no consequences outside of a multi-threaded context but could lead to a problem as it reads the value directly outside of the lock, which seems to be unwanted.

If Andy doesn't get the message here, could you send him an e-mail (included in the header of script) ?
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« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2010, 08:01:03 »

Yes, this looks like a bug.  I will fix it and check it in.  I have uninstalled Visual Studio 2005 from my development machines, since it's 2 revisions back, but I should be able to recompile all the dlls.

That's the first bug found in my multi-threaded implementation!
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