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Author Topic: Fabrication - A PureMVC/AS3 Toolkit for MultiCore/Pipes  (Read 16474 times)
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« on: November 06, 2008, 10:56:17 »

Fabrication is a rapid application development extension for PureMVC.

Its goal is to write less code while adhering to the separation of concerns of PureMVC. Fabrication is built around the Multicore version of PureMVC as it provides a solid foundation to build multi-modular applications without the singleton issues. Here is a summary of the main features in Fabrication.

Facade extensions : With Fabrication you do not need to create a concrete facade for your application. It provides a standard facade that does the work of kick starting your application with the usual startup notification. You only need to provide the startup command to use with a getStartupCommand method. The rest of startup process is done for you.

Mediator extensions : Fabrication allows registration of mediators without waiting for its corresponding viewComponent to be created. This is especially useful when using deferred component instantiation. You no longer need to code creationComplete handles, bubble custom creation events, check for mediator registration and so on. Fabrication has a built in component resolver that detects when a component becomes available and creates the mediator for it. You only need to declare your intention of associating a mediator with a viewComponent. And this is not limited to just deferred instantiation. Coupled with application states you can declare high level mediators registration minus all the creation event listeners.

Notification extensions : Fabrication provides mediators to detect notification interests based on intent. You no longer need to declare notifications that your mediator is interested in with listNotificationInterests. Instead you simply write a handler function like, respondToChanged. Fabrication automatically interprets this as a mediator's interest in the "changed" notification name. This feature reduces the complexity in switch cases that can result in a Mediator's handleNotification.

Multi-module messaging extensions : Fabrication simplifies communication between multiple modules into PureMVC Notifications. To send messages between modules you simply use the routeNotification method. Such routed notifications are received by the destination module as standard PureMVC notifications. You can either register them with Commands or use them in mediators with the respondTo syntax.

Undo support : Fabrication recognizes Undo-Redo as an integral part of rich internet applications and has extensive support for it. It provides support for n-level undos with a clean set of APIs for different types of undo operations like property changes, object adding and removal, grouping, and implicit undos.

General PureMVC extensions : Fabrication also shortens some of the typical PureMVC programming syntax. Calls to facade.<registerMediator|registerProxy> etc can be performed directly with just registerMediator, registerProxy etc. Fabrication allows mapping multiple commands with the same notification names resulting in a form of implicit macro command.

Finally Fabrication is all PureMVC(Multicore). So any utilities/code that works with PureMVC will also work with Fabrication. Everything that PureMVC provides is there. Fabrication does not modify PureMVC, it only extends it.

Grab Fabrication here

Read more about Fabrication at the blog

Download examples

Documentation is currently lacking. This is something that I am working on at the moment. A user guide is coming soon. Nevertheless the best way to try out Fabrication is to start using it. The acceleration to PureMVC will become apparent once you start using it.

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