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Author Topic: Single Command Instance  (Read 8193 times)
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« on: December 09, 2010, 08:32:44 »

Wondering if the recent changes for GWT are going to work for all situations, specifically:

//No reflexion in GWT
//ICommand commandInstance = (ICommand) commandClassRef.newInstance();
ICommand commandInstance = (ICommand) this.commandMap.get( note.getName() );

My understanding is that a new instance of the class reference ensures any async or holding commands can be executed 'concurrently'. With the above change firing an async command twice would give unpredictable results. Also this is not a backwards compatible with the core api. Given that this is GWT specific wouldn't it be wiser to branch or expand the functionality rather than re-writing it?


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« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2010, 09:07:18 »

The previous Standard version had some problems, not the least of which was an owner that could not devote time to fixing it.

The MultiCore version, while somewhat GWT specific, has been seen more usage though, and the idea was to make a Standard version from it so the implementations would be the same. The next step is to put these GWT-specific Standard and Multicore versions on branch with a single owner (Anthony).

Then we need to refactor the trunk of the Standard and MultiCore projects to use reflection and do whatever else is required to make it normal Java and not GWT-specific. Those, would then be owned by Frederic.

Frederic stepped up to the plate to do this, because he was originally pointing out that we need reflection and that the current MultiCore was GWT specific.

So now we're in the middle of that process. We have matching GWT Standard and MultiCore versions, now we need generic Standard and MultiCore versions.

Here's the original thread:

Now, I know Frederic is really active creating a lot of projects to demo lots of frameworks, so I don't expect he'll be done with this immediately. But this would be a good thread to point out GWT-driven deviations from the Java norm, so that when he does address it, there'll be a laundry list of items. I don't think there are many but reflection and the way commands are created is a really important change from the core API, as you say.

Please post any other irregularities here, and I'll bump that other thread to catch Frederic's attention :)

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