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Author Topic: Help with puremvc/mulitcore 'common' and fabrication shells / widgets...  (Read 9263 times)
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« on: February 15, 2011, 01:56:33 »

I'm losing my mind and could *really* use some help here from the masters as to what I'm doing being feasible or the best way of handling this.... this is coming from http://forums.puremvc.org/index.php?topic=1872.0

I've got a project structure like this:

<--- this is a puremvc multicore app structure that holds commands that are async and need to be there for any shell startup, as well as common biz objects, etc.
---- InitCommunications <---- this is AsyncMacroCommand that calls a few others
---- (Other Commands here).

mix/common/model/vo  <-- biz objects, not needed to know

Then I've got

mix/app1    <--  all fabrication shell

mix/widget 1--x    <-- a number of widgets that are also fabrication. 

All the app/widgets work fine as well as pulling models in from the common 'app' structure.

The thing that's KILLING me is that I want to initiate the async command that is puremvc / sub commands so that the data communications are up and running for any of the shell apps we're going to build and child widgets.

Whenever I initiate the communications via a notification (ie CommonConstants.BEGIN_COMM)  I get an error of: multitonKey for this Notifier not yet initialized!

(You can see the full error in the thread above).

The thing that I get where the error *IS* but not how best to proceed -- is that since there's no true applicationFacade on the common structure that creates a multiton with a unique key/id that the request for the command blows up.

The problem I'm getting around in terms of solving it is that I don't know how best to implement this:  -- ie do I create a secondary fake facade that I somehow birth from a fabrication app?

Do I create a MacroCommand within my fab shell that pulls in the single async commands from the top level common app?

Do I look to the StateMachine?

Do I make the common structure a fabricated one?

Would REALLY appreciate some pointers as I'm quite frustrated.

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