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Author Topic: Appjam-- new tool for fast developing iphone app with PureMVC Objective C port  (Read 10998 times)
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« on: May 11, 2011, 06:24:02 »

Hi guys

I create a tool for fast developing iphone app with PureMVC Objective C port called "appjam", it was built using ruby language and distribute as a ruby gem, since ruby was prebuilt in Mac OSX system, every mac user can install it without problem.

project source : https://github.com/eiffelqiu/appjam

I extract the employeeadmin example project and remove the "Role" section and it a really simple "CRUD" iphone app.  appjam come with 2 option, one for creating the project skeleton, one for creating the Data model.


Appjam require ruby installed on your mac machine. Since now all Mac OSX system preinstalled ruby enviroment, thats not a big issue.

Appjam has an dependency on "thor" gem , which require latest rubygem installed, so you need to update your rubygem to latest version, run command below to update your rubygem to the latest one.

$ sudo gem update system # double dash option


$ sudo gem install appjam


Usage 1: generate iphone app project
$ appjam project todo

$ cd todo

$ open Todo.xcodeproj

Xcode build and run

Usage 2: add model to iphone app project
$ cd todo

$ appjam model user

$ open Todo.xcodeproj

Add "Classes/user/" folder to the "Classes/apps" Group

Xcode build and run

Hope you like it, feel free to tell me your thought, i will implement more option in it.
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