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Author Topic: Project Setup / Process & svn?  (Read 8535 times)
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« on: February 26, 2008, 11:16:11 »

Is there a publicly accessible svn repo that we can tap into to get the latest files or checkout a specific revision? (sorry if this is posted in the forums somewhere but it wasnt obvious where it was) In my personal dev process, I'm moving towards using svn:externals more to pull in any (or maybe all) external libraries. these libs are then put into a top-level "lib" directory that's added to the classpath to the project. so a typical directory structure would look something like:

assets/ ( psds, jpgs, whatever )
build/ ( build.properties & build.xml files: tasks to generate docs, run tests, build and deploy )
docs/ ( asdoc )
lib/ ( any external libs not directly related to the project: ie, tweenlite, puremvc, etc )
src/ ( project specific source files & flas )
tests/ ( asunit tests that follow the same package structure in src )
deploy/ ( all swfs )

so ideally i'd set a svn:externals prop to
lib <puremvc svn repo path> -r<revision_number>

so i guess this is really an open ended question. what do you guys think about this project setup? what are your typical directory structures, and is pulling in libraries like this a best practice? if no such repository exists   for some libraries (like tweenlite), should i just create my own repo with the libraries so that my team all uses the same version?
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« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2008, 01:26:50 »

Hi Tim,

If you’re trying to get a fix on how the AS3 projects are set up, you can check out the repositories now at http://browse.puremvc.org/wsvn

The trac wikis are not public yet and what's in the repos isn't supported yet either.

I’m in the process of moving the projects to PureMVC 2.0 and optimizing their structure to make it easiest if you’re loading the project into Flex Builder 3. However I include no IDE specific stuff (.project, .actionScriptProperties, html-template, etc are added to svn:ignore).

Also, releases for every port, demo or utility is are tagged and the wiki will tell you the latest tag.

As I said the projects are being swept through right now, so at the moment the ones not yet in compliance are: Query a CFC, File Upload and AppSkeleton. So overlook these for the moment.

In Flex Builder, assets unfortunately need to be under the src folder (argh!) instead of a sibling to it. A build directory makes sense, and is a coming step, we just don't have the scripts that are ready for public consumption yet.

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