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Author Topic: Lets talk about the Client Side  (Read 11015 times)
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« on: March 13, 2008, 06:36:41 »

The AS3 reference implementation was necessarily designed with client side concerns in mind. At the time of this writing, all of the current documentation for the framework is written from this perspective.

Specifically, the documentation examples are in AS3 and Flex. However if you are working on one of the other ports that support Client Side development, you should not have a problem understanding these documents as they are written with you in mind as well. The hope is that as we get some of the other Ports off the ground with demos and utilities, we can create versions of these docs for your Ports so that so much mental mapping is not required of future newcomers.

Currently the Ports that support client-side development are AS2, AS3, C#, and Java.

  • Client side desktop or browser platforms include: Flex, Flash, AIR, Silverlight, JavaFX
  • Client side mobile platforms include: FlashLite, Flash, Windows Mobile, J2ME

Currently, for those looking for guidance in developing for these platforms, you are advised, (even if you don't know AS3, Flex, Flash or AIR) to:

  • Read the primary documentation found in the Docs menu on the PureMVC.org home page, in the order presented.
  • Examine some of the demos, beginning with the Employee Admin Flex demo.
  • Frequent the forums for the Port that you are working with.
  • Aquaint yourself with the Project Owner for the port you are working with.
  • If the Port is new, there may not be much documentation or demos. Offer to do a demo or utility. You learn, and it will help the Port and its community get off the ground.
  • Post questions often. It points out where the documentation is thin, and the answers provoked serve other readers well.
  • It is amazing the power of the human race to learn and progress. It is entirely possible that complete balance in the universe can be achieved if you answer as many questions as you ask.

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