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Author Topic: EmployeeAdmin - A PureMVC JS Demo  (Read 8133 times)
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« on: November 24, 2008, 08:58:59 »

This demo illustrates techniques for performing routine maintenance operations in a PureMVC-based JavaScript application.

Implementations for ExtJS3, ExtJS4, JQuery, MooTools and DOM are available, and illustrate use of those libraries with the various PureMVC JS ports.

The demo is located at http://trac.puremvc.org/Demo_JS_EmployeeAdmin

The authors are Frederic Saunier, Justin Wilaby, and Tony DeFusco.

Remember, PureMVC Native is now the recommended port to build against, but several of these demos show how to use the deprecated PureMVC ports that depended upon other libraries for class emulation.

With PureMVC Native you can still use the syntax of your favorite class emulation library if you choose, but you also have the option of writing your PureMVC code in a third-party library agnostic fashion using plain JavaScript or PureMVC's built-in define() syntax.
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