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Author Topic: InitMonitor v.0.3: Not Just Another PureMVC Initialization Manager  (Read 2756 times)
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« on: January 07, 2009, 01:59:55 »

The initial release of InitMonitor was described as a minimalist initialization manager. After using it for a little while I decided I wanted something more robust and full featured. So instead of reinventing the wheel I thought to use the official PureMVC StartupManager and bundled Asset Loader. After working for a while on converting an existing project to this paradigm I came to the realization that these were not the tools for the job.

Thus was born this new release of InitMonitor, a major re-factor in that it removes all of the PureMVC internals (purists beware). I added features for robust progress notifications, and an optional weighting system for creating highly accurate progress widgets (this is a major shortcoming for StartupManger). For failure handling, you can specify the number of automatic retries and an adjustable timeout interval has been incorporated as well.

In general, the classes are even more flexible now. You can instantiate multiple InitMonitorProxy‘s at the same time, register them all with the facade and even run them in parallel if you want.

Additional Info here:

Link to Documentation:
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