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1  Announcements and General Discussion / General Discussion / Spanish best practices document? on: September 10, 2009, 08:12:35
Hi everyone!

I want to contribute a little bit more with this wonderful framework. I learned  and get fun with puremvc and i think i am going to learn a lot more. Here in the forums i received a lot of help from all of you and i want to put my hands on translating the best practices document to spanish. How ever i can put a little bit of my time (sometimes i dont have enough time) for get this done.

Let me know what do you think.


Israel Gaytán
2  Announcements and General Discussion / General Discussion / Is it possible manage states without the statemachine utility? on: July 01, 2009, 12:14:22
Hi again all! :D

I have a couple of questions to the puremvc community and all the stuff its about states.

Question 1.

¿Is it possible manage states without the statemachine utility?

I mean i have some states in my applications,like login, ApplicationLogged and so forth. When i get logged in i present some components to the user like an application bar, and a tree. In the center of the stage i will load the proper module or  view component when the user clicks the tree. And at this point my confussion begins.  I will try to be clear as possible. When i get in the state "ApplicationLogged" i fire up and event creationComplete to register the mediator with the component (like in the slacker sample).It was working fine until i put states in the Application. Unfortunetely i didnt succeed. It says in the constructor of the mediator that this component its equal to null. Do i really need to use the state machine utility?

Thanks in advance again


3  Announcements and General Discussion / General Discussion / Mediator dont listen for CUSTOM Events on: May 14, 2009, 10:16:06
Hi Again   ;D

Now the issue of the day is..

My Mediator dont listen for CUSTOM events....

Here is the scenario:

I have my view that dispatch an Event like this:

private function buscarPersonaRfc():void{
            var evtObj:BusquedaRFCEvent=new BusquedaRFCEvent("BusquedaRFCEvent",txtRfc.text);


and in my Mediator i have..

override public function onRegister():void{
         //Referencia a la aplicacion principal
         buscarPersonaProxy=facade.retrieveProxy("BuscarPersonaProxy") as BuscarPersonaProxy;

When i click on the propper button it doesnt happen anything!...

the strange thing its that if i dispatch another event (no custom event), an event like..
private function buscarPersonaRfc():void{
            dispatchEvent(new Event("buscaPersonaNombre",true));

and in my mediator i have..

override public function onRegister():void{
         //Referencia a la aplicacion principal
         buscarPersonaProxy=facade.retrieveProxy("BuscarPersonaProxy") as BuscarPersonaProxy;

IT WORKS!!!....how am i missing. Do i have again register all the mediators in the ApplicationMediator???

Any guidelines?? Thanks to all, i am starting with this framework :D sorry for all my quiestions :D

4  Announcements and General Discussion / General Discussion / Mediator Problem on: May 12, 2009, 12:43:43
Hello everyone!

I have a little complication in my Mediator.

Here is the scenario:

I am working with the pureMVC MultiCore.
At startup i prepare the proper proxy and views  for a data retrieval. This works fine
since all the calls are executed correctly. In the mediator i have a reference to my view
component and my proxy so i handle a notification like this:

 case ApplicationFacade.ObtenEstadosCiviles_finished:
                ApplicationFacade.getInstance(APPNAME).catalogosResult.ObtenEstadosCivilesResult = notification.getBody() as Array;
               datosCompSolicitud.DatosPersonas.myCBEstadoCivil.labelField = "Gc04EstadoCivil";               

this works fine in the proper comboBox!

First question here its..

Why my notification.getBody() dont have anything? since i send in the proxy the proper notification like this..

private virtual function ObtenEstadosCivilesHandler(event:ResultEvent):void
           //Alert.show("Obteniendo resultados en el proxy");
           catalogos.ObtenEstadosCivilesResult=event.result as Array;
            sendNotification( ApplicationFacade.ObtenEstadosCiviles_finished, catalogos.ObtenEstadosCivilesResult );

Second question and here is my headache

When i assign to another notification interest the data in the first combo dissapears...its important to say that i debug the listProxy and i have all the necesary data!!! it has the correct data

so..my code is

case ApplicationFacade.ObtenPaises_finished:
               ApplicationFacade.getInstance(APPNAME).catalogosResult.ObtenPaisesResult = notification.getBody() as Array;

I debug and the proxy has all the data.. I dont know what i am missing, i checked all the name instances everything necesary and i dont find the problem

Thanks in advance..
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