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1  PureMVC Manifold / Demos and Utils / Simple RSS reader - demo for using PureMVC Objective-C on iPhone / iPhone touch on: February 08, 2009, 04:39:42
First of all: Thanks Brian for your great work - the Objective-C port is awesome!

Here is a another demo called "Simple RSS reader" (incl. source code): Simple RSS reader for iPhone using PureMVC Standard for Objective-C.

2  PureMVC Manifold / MultiCore Version / HelloPipes - a basic Demo using MultiCore, Pipes Utility and Modules on: June 22, 2008, 02:20:46
HelloPipes is a simple application which loads and unloads a module for communicating with its shell using Pipes Utility. Module and shell are acting as a Core based on PureMVC MultiCore AS3. You will find there some tips using Modules, PureMVC MultiCore AS3 and Pipe Utility as well.

- Live Demo
- Download full source (search for "Full source" within blog post)

Any feedback are welcome!


3  Announcements and General Discussion / Public Demos, Tools and Applications / Flash based community using PureMVC: www.panfu.de on: November 21, 2007, 07:21:06
Panfu (www.panfu.de) is a German multiuser learning and gaming community for children. The Panfu-World based on Flash 9 using PureMVC. For the communication between the server- and client-side it uses Flash-Remoting based on OpenAMF and a XMLSocket solution based on a self developed SocketServer for the multiuser management.

PureMVC helps us a lot to develop well structured AS3 code. Furthermore the project has had the possibility to integrate new Flash developer whose not familar with the project as quickly as possible. The amazing documentation was a great help too. PureMVC is just awesome.

Cliff, thanks again for your great Framework ;)

P.S.: To register and login to Panfus Public Beta click here. (sorry, its currently in German only)

4  Announcements and General Discussion / General Discussion / Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution US License on: August 25, 2007, 09:37:18
I'm not familiar with CC US Licenses... "Reuse is governed by the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution US License". What does it mean? Can I use PureMVC in commercial projects without any restrictions? I would like to use PureMVC for my next AS3 project, which is a commercial, Flash based web application...
5  Announcements and General Discussion / Architecture / Setting texts, labels and styles on view components within a Flash app on: August 21, 2007, 02:36:37
Two questions about a "pure" Flash (not Flex) based application:

1) What do you mean is the best practice for setting texts, labels etc. on view components determining by an external XML file?
2) And what is the best place to maintain reusable style definitions such as Fonts, Colors etc.?

Here are my thoughts:

1) Let's assume a multi-lingual Flash based application, which gets its texts, labels etc. from an external XML file. So I have a "ContentProxy", which is acting as a Remote Proxy for loading and parsing the XML file and populating a Value Object called "ContentVO". After that, it dispatches a Notification "XML_LOADED" and its listeners such as a "ApplicationMediator" or a "NavigationMediator" will get the VO for setting texts and labels of its view components.

2) For this issue I defined a "StyleProxy" with static members such as
public static const COLOR_BG_SOLID_0: uint = 0x4A9696;
public static const COLOR_BG_BLEND_0: uint = 0x356A6A;
which are connected by the view components without using a "real" instance of the "StyleProxy". Until now I have not created several Mediator for all my view components, but I think that's not the best way... What do you think about this issue? Make it sense to create a Mediator for all view components only for setting "static" styles?

6  Announcements and General Discussion / Public Demos, Tools and Applications / Login Sample using Flex, WebORB and PureMVC on: August 10, 2007, 12:02:31
Do you know the Cairngorm LoginSample from Alex Uhlmann's blog?

On my blog you will find a Login Sample (incl. full source) based on it using WebORB for PHP and PureMVC instead of Cairngorm.

P.S. Any feedback or suggestion are welcome ;)

7  Announcements and General Discussion / Public Demos, Tools and Applications / Flex based tool using PureMVC: "WSPatternStyleGenerator" (incl. source) on: July 11, 2007, 01:55:03
WSPatternStyleGenerator is a Flex based tool creating well formated CSS sheets for using a Flex skin component named WSBackgroundPixelSkin.
It's based on PureMVC 1.4 PureMVC 1.6 - you'll find here the full source as well.

P.S. Thanks for sharing PureMVC - it's great ;)

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